From Stocking Up to Taking Stock

Before, when I was using coupons and apps to save money in my budget, I was confident that I only purchased what I would have anyways. I had discipline, after all. And though I stayed within budget, it was often difficult. I told myself that if I had extra in the budget and splurged, it was all in the name of stocking up.

But as I got more burned out, I started taking a look at what was in my pantry. After all, it’s rather difficult to stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables and have them last longer than a week. I realized I had more than a few boxes of prepackaged snacks and other processed foods that I normally shy away from.  Yes, I purchased them on sale and for a great price, but they weren’t the types of food I should be eating or feeding to my family. I was feeling run down, and had gained weight.

I have recommitted myself to eating healthy. I menu plan now around what is healthy. My budget is still under control, and yet the food I purchase is better quality and healthier. I thought I was stocking up in case of lean times, but in reality, our diet shifted to processed foods we could grab in a hurry. This led to all of us snacking more, and in the end, it wasn’t as much of a savings as I had thought.

I have to admit, I wonder if anyone else has gone through this, and how do they handle it? For now, I am content to focus on healthy food and finding other ways to cut into the budget. More on that in another post later, though.