Two Ways to be Rich

There is a quote from Jackie French Koller that I absolutely love, so I thought I would share it. 

There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little. 

I think this is something we should all consider more often. So many of us struggle with feeling like we don’t have enough. But enough what? What exactly are our priorities?

I think of budgets as a priority list. If it’s important to you, it will be the first thing to budget. That’s where the saying “Pay yourself  first” comes from. If establishing an emergency fund is your number one priority, make it happen.

But it’s easy to lose sight of priorities. Especially when you’re tired or in a hurry. At those momemts it’s so much easier to grab a bite at a restaurant, or that pick-me-up fancy coffee.  And when reading about sticking to a budget, those items are always the ones mentioned, right?

What if you’re like me and hate coffee? It’s easy to say, “That’s not me,” and move on. But we all have our weaknesses. The important thing is to identify what yours is and have a plan to combat it.

I know so many people who say if only the made X amount of money, it would be so much better. But the raises and bonuses always go to the newest, biggest whatever to replace something that is still perfectly serviceable. I think the second portion of the quote especially applies to them.

If you’re always focused on what you don’t have, how can you appreciate what you do have? If we were to really consider our individual purchases, big and small, and ask ourselves are we desiring less, it would be much easier to stick to our budget and get ahead.

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