Picking Up Where I Left Off

I fell off the savings wagon. I started with the best of intentions, and then life happened. Planning shopping trips to take advantage of sales and deals took a long, long time. The savings just didn’t seem to be worth it, especially since I detest all types of shopping as much as I do.  And the family wasn’t involved, so meal planning was just another chore.

I looked online for new ideas, but only saw variations of the same. Eat seasonally, shop the loss leaders. Meal plan, have a meatless day once a week. But I was looking for a more holistic approach.

I recently started thinking about this as I considered what to do with this blog. I wondered if I was rationalizing my budget laziness? While I may very well be doing just that, it has helped me put some things in perspective.

I’ll try to post more about the different aspects of my current approach. However, the first thing I changed was how I looked at “me” time. Before, I never made time for myself. I worked, did the planning, shopping, meal prep. By the end of the weekend, I was exhausted and resentful. That was not how I wanted to spend my family time.

I started exercising. Before, I considered it luxury time. Something to do if I “found” the time. We all know I never did. I ended up bloated, lacked energy, and just frustrated with how I looked and felt.

Once I heard about Steven Covey’s “Big Rocks”,  it put things into perspective for me. I was trying to put all the rocks in my jar, and not paying attention to my priorities. Working to keep my attitude positive was one of my big rocks. I needed to look at what would help that and let go of what would not.

The hours spent grocery planning went away, and now I exercise immediately after coming home from work. It’s a great stress relief, and is something I can do with my husband. I still have a ways to go to get to where I want to be, but this helps me to have a better attitude as I tackle daily frustrations, and allows me to spend time with my husband as we work towards our goals together. As another bonus, I have more energy to tackle my evenings.

As I was contemplating justification for my indulgence, I realized that exercise is great preventative medicine. I have had fewer colds and minor ailments since I started. Plus my blood pressure and heart rate are lower. Heart issues and diabetes run in my family, so really, you can figure I’m helping to protect my future budget from expenses related to healthcare.

And I’m much easier to be around.


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