Sticking to the Budget

Yesterday was my third weekly “deposit” into the grocery fund. As you can see in the picture below, I just track the stores I go to and the amount I spend at each. As with everything else in my life, I try to keep it simple. And even better, I think last week I may have found my shopping method.

First, all week, I keep a list of things the family needs or wants. For instance, as the last of the peanut butter is used, it goes on the list. Then when I’m compiling my final grocery list, I estimate the cost for each item. If the list totals more than $80.00, I go back and pare it down, crossing off items that can wait until next week. If there is additional room in the budget (yea!), I’ll add “extras” for the week. These items are typically stock up items that are in the store circulars and are paired with coupons and/or rebates.

By leaving $20.00 in the budget, I allow for mid week grocery stops in case we run out of bananas (pretty usual in my family) or other items that I don’t want or can’t wait to replace.

And a bonus topic: a few more rebate apps! I don’t use these next three that often, but they are great to use if you’re buying their listed items. Check out Shopmium,  Snap! (by Groupon), and BerryCart.  Shopimum only has a few items at a time, but are fast with funding their rebates. A word of caution on Snap: the rebates go fast, so keep an eye on it.  BerryCart specializes in organic,  non GMO items that often don’t have coupons and aren’t listed on other grocery apps..

Making the Budget Work
Making the Budget Work

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