Mid-Week Check In

Yes, I know it’s only Monday, but my grocery week started on Friday. So I wanted to report on my progress keeping to a grocery budget. To be honest, prior to this week, I didn’t really have a grocery budget per se. I used sales, coupons and grocery apps, but I didn’t try to stay below a certain amount.  As you can imagine,  this got out of hand rather quickly.

That all changed this week. I forgot when I set out to do this that I was going to be out of state on Friday and Saturday.  I think this is my first stroke of luck. Because of this, I wasn’t able to do my usual grocery shopping and instead had to make do with a couple of quick runs. My husband went on one while I was away and I ran after work today.

Because of this craziness, I’m only halfway through my budget. This can lead to great possibilities. Mainly, I’m hoping to stay out of stores for the rest of the week so I can have a cushion next week, especially since I’ll be needing meat and paper products. This budget challenge is making me realize just how often I give into impulse buys or picking up an extra “just in case” I’m low at home.

For food this week, I’m going to do a simple menu of “find it & use it”. Basically, I’ll be seeing what we have on hand and using it up. After this week, I’ll be menu planning as well. I hope.

Here is my pantry. I wonder how empty it’ll get?


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