Saving Money at the Grocery Store

If you’re like me, you’ve noticed the prices at the grocery store are only going up. It can be frustrating because it seems like no matter how frugal you try to be, the final total at the checkout can still be a shock.

My family is trying to focus on eating better. This means more fresh foods and less processed convenience items. Add in food allergies and sensitivities and you can imagine all the fun I have in the aisles juggling a list, coupons, and a smartphone with all the grocery apps loaded on it as I’m trying to read yet another label to make certain that even my tried and true items haven’t changed their ingredients.

Wait a moment…what was that about grocery apps on a phone? What in the world are those? These are a recent wonderful discovery that I can’t seem to hush up about.  Seriously. I’m telling all my friends about them. After my most recent grocery store foray, I found myself so excited that I was actually texting people about my best deal. I even Skyped with my best friend about it, which then led to the idea of writing a blog about it. (Thank you, BFF!)

Rather than writing a book, I’ll just highlight one app at  a time. The one that I seem to use the most is Ibotta. This is an app that can be downloaded for free and is compatible with both an Android and an iPhone. Best of all, it’s a breeze to use.

Once you download it and set up your account, you just need to look at the items offered and select the ones you want. In order to activate the rebate, you’ll need to click on the item,  and then look for the circle. Simply click on the circle, then watch a short video, answer a question, or read a recipe or fact. This is extremely quick to complete. Once the rebate is unlocked,  just scan the item you purchased and take a photo of the receipt.  If multiple items were purchased, verify all items and then take just one picture of the receipt.

Ibotta is very fast to review the receipt and post the credit to your account. Right now you may be asking yourself what happens with the credit?  How can it be used? There are several options. Once you have accrued at least $5.00, you can request the credit be funded to your PayPal or Venmo account. Or, if you’d rather, you can request a gift card from a variety of retailers including,  Starbucks,  Walmart,  and others.

There are interactive aspects of the app as well. There are bonuses that can be earned, and you can form a team to help unlock items as well. Each person is given a referral code. One word of caution: if my team has two people,  and another person joins the team, only the one person has three people on the team. The other two people aren’t team members–only the one who sent the referral code sees both people in the app.

So after all the explanations, are you curious about my best deal today? It was a 1.5 pound bag of Tate+Lyle fair trade, non-GMO, organic turbinado raw cane sugar. I bought it at Walmart. The regular price was $2.94. I had a coupon from the Sunday paper for $1.50 off. I combined that with a rebate from Ibotta for another $1.00 off. After the savings,  I paid $0.44 for sugar that I would have had difficulty justifying otherwise.

The deal of the day. My tea is saved from boredom!
The deal of the day. My tea is saved from boredom!

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