Another Money Saving Grocery App

The next money saving app I want to introduce you to is SavingStar.  Like Ibotta,  it’s a free app and is available on Androids and iPhones. It is different in that the payment can be through PayPal, directly to your bank account, or you can donate to a featured charity. Personally, I never link apps to an account other than PayPal, but it’s an option.

There are two features that I find myself using consistently with SavingStar.  The first is the Friday Freebie. Who doesn’t like getting useful items for free? These items are under $1.00, but free is free. I’ve seen several varieties of candy bars, and my philosophy is that there are no calories in free candy! Other items include a 26 oz. container of Morton’s table salt and a can of Hunt’s tomato paste.

1420051630368The other feature I use a lot is the healthy offer. Each week, you can get 20% off a featured item of produce. This week was bananas,  which are always a hit with my family. We eat them plain, but I also bake with them as well. I have a lot of recipes featuring bananas,  including oatmeal cookies, pancakes, muffins and bread. Last week’s offer was sweet potatoes, which is another favorite food for my husband.

In addition, there are items where the rebate works the same as Ibotta. For my shopping trip yesterday, Ibotta had a $2.00 rebate off a pound of Truvia brown sugar. SavingStar also had a $1.00 rebate off Truvia. I was able to use both on the same item and get $3.00 off, which was almost a 50% savings on that item.

A feature that I’ve just started using is the “One or Many” offer. An example of this is the current offer on Cottonelle, Viva, Scott,  and/or Kleenex. If, over the course of several weeks,  I spend $30 on these brands,  I receive a $5.00 rebate. This is great, because we already use several of the brands, and the eligible time is long enough that I can reasonably purchase and use the items.

I hope you’re enjoying the information regarding these grocery apps.  I’m hoping they’ll help me with my New Year’s resolutions,  which I’ll write more about later.

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